The TRACE Supplier Feature: Top 3 Benefits


TRACE by isla – the definitive carbon measurement platform for sustainable events – has launched a new, easy-to-use feature that will enable suppliers to directly input data relevant to their vertical into the tool.

Here are the top 3 benefits:

Supports supplier engagement

‘Manage Suppliers’ will enable TRACE users to prompt key stakeholders in the event supply chain to input data across key measurement areas, including Energy and Built Items. Supplier engagement is increasingly important as the events industry continues to drive change through collaboration.

Builds an accurate picture of your Scope 3 emissions

The unique-to-industry feature helps TRACE users build up an accurate picture of their Scope 3 emissions – derived from the aforementioned chain and making up more than 70%* of total company emissions on average.

Streamlines data-gathering

“This innovative feature will support supplier insight into event data-collection best practice and empowers them to play an active role in TRACE users’ data-quality progression,” says TRACE Customer Success Manager Kate Kieran.


Do suppliers need to have a TRACE licence to input data?

No. It’s open to all your suppliers. A downloadable spreadsheet template is also available for suppliers to download data for their particular vertical if they prefer to record/send you information this way.

Will I be able to have the final say on any submitted supplier data?

Once suppliers have marked their data as ‘ready to review’ you can check and approve, before it is pulled through to the dashboard.

How do I tell suppliers about the feature?

You can invite suppliers to input data from within the platform (this will send a pre-set invitation email to your chosen contact), which includes a due date, and follow this up with a friendly reminder, which you can again issue through the platform if needed.

The supplier feature is part of our continuous improvement programme for the TRACE platform. Want to see it in action? Sign up for a completely FREE demo.


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