Reduce your event carbon footprint with TRACE by isla

Get ahead of the curve with the definitive carbon measurement platform for events.

Brought to you by isla, the event industry’s response to the climate crisis, TRACE helps you measure and minimise carbon in real-time at live, hybrid and digital events.

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Empowered with insights

Designed to give insight into the environmental cost of your event, TRACE captures emission and waste data from live, hybrid, and digital events.

TRACE generates impact reports in real-time, empowering you to support your clients and stakeholders.

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Win tenders with best in class environmental reporting and impact reduction capabilities

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Quickly and easily reduce environmental impact

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Make financial savings across the supply chain

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Collaborate with your supply chain for better measurement and richer data insights

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Identify opportunities for innovation

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Prepare for future legislation

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A measurement solution for everyone

Whether you’re a busy event organiser, a business owner making decisions, or a sustainability officer with reporting and disclosure requirements, TRACE simplifies carbon and waste reporting, giving you what you need, when you need it.

We make it easier for event planners

Capture carbon and waste information from single events, and visualise this for your clients and stakeholders in post event reporting.

Take advantage of the in-app reduction tips and guidance to plan your next event with more positive environmental impact.

Understand the impact of your event activities

Understand the full carbon and waste impact of your event operations, track where environmental and financial savings can be made, procurement can be improved and processes optimised.

A full picture for your event operations

TRACE data capture and reporting are aligned with the GHG Protocol and GRI Standards for environmental reporting, enabling you to understand the full picture of your event operations in line with global standards.

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Event measurement made simple

Whether you’re planning a local meeting for 50 or a global exhibition for 5000, TRACE simplifies carbon measurement.

Capitalising on the data you’re already collecting, TRACE reduces the need for complex data gathering. It provides guidance and solutions for the additional information you may need to generate your impact report.

Measure 1

Capture emissions from venue energy and temporary power sources

Measure 2

Assess the impact of event location on travel and accommodation for attendees and crew

Measure 3

Ascertain how different material choices impact your carbon emissions and track the lifecycle of these elements

Measure 4

Calculate F&B emission impacts for attendees and crew, plus understand the food waste footprint

Measure 5

Profile your waste and recycling volumes and how these are being managed

Measure 6

Understand your production transport footprint from trucking to couriers and overseas freight

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Make estimates of carbon emissions and waste volumes and use the in-app reduction tips to reduce these in pre-production, before going on site.


Understand the carbon impact of different design choices using the real time analytics dashboard to help your team and stakeholders make informed decisions


Captures actual carbon and waste data across your Event Operations, from catering choices to build materials, transport to energy use.

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Generate an event impact report immediately using the in-app dashboard, with detailed, but easy to understand graphs and charts.

Export your reports

Download your dashboard results and embed these in your own event reports and debrief docs.

Data Analysis

Use the in-app dashboard to filter and combine multiple events to see impacts and trends across all activity or by different groups – like event type or time period.

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Reports Scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon, in line with global reporting expectations, helping you and your stakeholders to comply with standards.

GRI and GHG Protocol

Compatible with businesses reporting in line with the Global Reporting Initiative or Green House Gas Protocol.

SBTi and Race to Zero

Scoped reporting is compatible with businesses committed to a 1.5°C pathway reporting to SBTi or Race to Zero initiatives.

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Take advantage of TRACE’S unique multi-level ‘Connections’ feature to collaborate easily with businesses and teams you work with and view data trends and patterns across connections.


Send a link to your event suppliers for easy measurement collaboration. With a simple click, they can enter data directly into TRACE, sharing the responsibility and increasing data accuracy.


Feel confident navigating the platform with human support, community resources and implementation available.


TRACE Team training to empower you with the confidence to use the platform to it's fullest


Access to our Knowledge Base for answers to FAQs, video tutorials, downloadable templates and how to guides


Bespoke support to help you achieve success with carbon measurement, from measurement implementation to decarbonisation strategies


Understand the fundamentals of carbon emissions with our "Principles of Measurement" training


Virtual lunch and learns, featuring updates about our latest platform features and changes to legislation, top tips and case studies


Take advantage of our data verification service to ensure accurate reporting

Be part of a change making community

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Thousands of events around the world are using TRACE to measure their event carbon footprint. Developed by event professionals for event professionals, we understand how important it is that the platform is accessible and easy to use across our complex multi-stakeholder industry.

The TRACE categories are defined and easy to understand, which makes the process and its insights easy to grasp.


The climate is changing, and so must we…

Rising temperatures, extreme weather events, destructive floods and wildfires – climate change impacts are happening all around the world right now.

Stakeholders, from business investors to event attendees, are increasingly demanding greater transparency and accountability on the environmental impacts of activities; mandatory reporting on emissions is expected within the next two years.

TRACE enables decarbonisation and supports the industry’s transition to future-fit.

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Ready to see TRACE in action?

Access our on-demand demos for a deeper dive on how TRACE can help you measure the carbon footprint of live, hybrid, and digital events, giving you the visibility you need to reduce and report on your environmental impact.

Got a question for us? Contact to learn more about the definitive carbon measurement platform for events.

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