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Everything you need to know about TRACE before you get started on your carbon measurement journey.

Getting started and managing suppliers

Learn how to set up your event. TRACE uses information you'll already have, like your location and venue name, build/de-rig and live dates, attendee numbers and your event type.  You'll also find out how to collaborate with your supply chain partners and event stakeholders. We talk you through inviting your suppliers to contribute data to your event carbon footprint from increased efficiency and accuracy, and to connect with your clients or key stakeholders to share data between existing TRACE accounts.

Energy, production and graphics data

We'll show you how you measure energy use - mastering how to report on both mains and temporary sources, whatever data you have available.  You'll also learn how to accurately track the production of built items and graphics, from materials selection to item lifecycle.

Measuring the impact of catering choices

Discover how to input data about the food and drinks choices for your event. We cover everything from audience to staff catering to meal types and dietary options.  We'll take a look at data capture for serveware and packaging so you can learn how to easily capture the small details that add up to a big impact.

A rubbish demo!

Just kidding! Somehow we've made waste interesting, and in this video we talk about optimising your waste management. We'll talk you through how waste and recycling data can be captured - from specific weights and units of waste to estimating your waste impact.

Manage the impact of transportation

Accurately enter transportation data for equipment and materials. This demo covers categorising transport by contractors, company vehicles, couriers, and overseas freight. Choose vehicle and engine types, record the number of trips, and rely on TRACE to calculate mileage. For couriers, additional options like bicycles and motorbikes are available. In the overseas freight section, specify items, transportation mode, weight, and destinations. Simplify the logistics planning process, enhancing your event’s sustainability efforts.

Audience Travel and Accommodation

Simplify tracking of audience travel and accommodation for your event. Use templates for easy data entry on non-flight travel and flights, detailing transport modes, trip counts, and mileage. For accommodations, input hotel details, stay duration, room bookings, and energy practices.

Measurement of virtual attendance

Assess the environmental footprint of virtual attendance at your events. Input key metrics such as the average streaming duration, number of search engine queries, online rehearsal times, and the locations of virtual participants. This data, often accessible via website analytics, helps quantify the impact of data servers and energy consumption for virtual or hybrid events. Our streamlined process aids in evaluating and minimising the sustainability concerns associated with hosting online attendees.

Impressed? It's time to begin your carbon measurement journey.

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